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How to Help an Anxious Dog

Just like humans, some dogs can have naturally quite anxious personalities, and it is important to gently teach these dogs from a young age that the world is not something to be afraid of. It can difficult to know where to start when training an anxious dog, as many can be scared or unresponsive to standard […]

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Dealing With Canine Car Sickness

If you and your dog love to take long walks in peaceful woods and rolling fields, then it can sometimes be the getting there that can be a real difficulty. Just like us, dogs can suffer from car sickness and this can make any journey, be it a quick trip to the vets or even […]

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How to Deal with Anxious Dogs

Dogs can show signs of anxiety for many reasons. It can be caused by fear, shyness, or stress. Even dogs who become hyperactive and excited can show signs of being anxious. It is important to understand these signs, and to help work towards calming your dog, so he can feel more at ease in difficult […]

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