Dealing With Canine Car Sickness

If you and your dog love to take long walks in peaceful woods and rolling fields, then it can sometimes be the getting there that can be a real difficulty. Just like us, dogs can suffer from car sickness and this can make any journey, be it a quick trip to the vets or even a longer journey to go on holiday a real nightmare for both dog and owner. However, there are many simple steps you can take to make travelling easy and more comfortable.

Travel sickness can be caused by a variety of reasons such as motion sickness or even anxiety and there any many ways to help combat this. For dogs who find the car journeys daunting and work themselves up causing them to be sick, dog calming products are ideal for greatly reducing the stress. Calming tablets are great for when you are planning a journey, as you can prepare for it in advance and they can be given when and as required. Other forms of travel calming aids include dog calming collars, which use natural calming pheromones to relax your pet. These are often more suited for people who are on the go as they can be left on your dog to have a continuous effect.

If the sickness is caused by motion, then treatments are available in tablet form that can be given to your dog in preparation for a journey. These help to reduce sickness and also have a calming effect, making the journey more comfortable for your pet. These tablets are mostly made from natural, nasty ingredients making them more appealing to your dog and easy to give to them during their normal meals.

Other ways to make travelling with a car sick dog easier are products such as dog crates and harnesses. By reducing the amount your dog moves around in the car, this can help to reduce the sickness and by confining them to one area of the car, this makes cleaning up any accidents that might happen much more quick and easy.

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