Choosing the Right Bedding for your Small Pet

Small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats are increasingly popular pets in the UK, and while people send lots of time considering the perfect cage for their new pet, they often overlook another vital part of their home. Choosing the correct bedding for your small pet is very important as they will be spending a large majority of their time in the cage, so it needs to be both suitable and comfortable.

Small pet bedding comes in a range of different materials, some which are better suited to certain species so it is important that you do your research before choosing the bedding. Recycled paper and cardboard bedding are usually great for small pets such as gerbils, hamsters and mice as they love to create nests and snuggle up in them. Paper is very soft and is great for keeping pets warm all year round.

Wood shavings don’t necessarily make great bedding, but it is ideal for lining the floor of your pet’s cage or hutch. This makes the floor more comfortable, and wood shavings are very absorbent, helping to soak up any pet waste and reducing unpleasant odours.

For rabbits and guinea pigs, straw and hay bedding is the perfect bedding solution. This natural material is ideal for allowing your pets to snuggle up in and it has great insulation properties meaning it helps to keep your pets warm throughout Winter. Not only does hay make a good bedding material, but it’s also a tasty snack loved by guinea pigs and rabbits which makes up a large percentage of their diet, and regular chewing will help to keep their teeth worn and in good condition.

Regardless of the type of pet bedding you choose, you should always aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible as you will go through quite a bit of small pet bedding in their life time. Choose bedding which is made from recycled products, or if it’s a natural bedding try to find one that has been sustainably sourced.

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