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Dog Food Nutrients

Key Nutrients in Dog Food

We all know that for humans Vitamin C can help against cold, and glucosamine can help with joints. But is it the same for dogs? And what else is beneficial? Here is a quick guide to nutrients and ingredients you may find in good quality dog food. Vitamin A – Good for eyesight Vitamin C […]

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Scared dog

Preparing your dog for fireworks

Fireworks season can be a bit like Marmite, with many people loving it but lots of people also dreading it. If you own a pet that is scared of fireworks, chances are you are in the latter group. It is not unknown for dogs to clear otherwise perfectly high enough garden fences in their adrenaline […]

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Pet Obesity 101

As many of 40% of cats and dogs in the UK are thought to be obese, and the problem comes about in pets in pretty much the same way as humans, with the only difference being that it should be easier to control, as they need us to feed them. Also as with humans, obesity […]

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