Jackie Sheppard

Joined our team in 2009 has a Degree in Animal Behaviour and before joining us had worked as an animal keeper / presenter in a wildlife centre. Jackie has a fascination for companion and exotic animals and is now the new proud owner of a bearded dragon Roxy.  If Jackie is not out walking or playing with her Weimaraner she’s on the water in a canoe.  Jackie has owned almost every pet animal we sell products for and has vast knowledge of animals. Jackie heads up our eMarketing Department.

Vikki Woodhouse

Vikki joined in early 2009 and has a passion for small animals owning a multitude of small animals including a trio of ferrets, a hamster, degus and chinchillas and has vast experience of the best products for small pets, some even get tested on her pets first! Vikki works in our emarketing department and is our resident SQP (suitably qualified person) and can legally dispense pet medicines including Frontline flea treatment, Panacur and Drontal wormers without prescription. Vikki writes engaging pet product blogs, news and content.

Carrie Warwick

Carrie joined Net Pet Shop in late 2009, and has since become a very valued member of the team. Currently owning two dogs, four cats, two ferrets and a small array of fish, Carrie has a in depth knowledge of all things pet, and is always willing to provide friendly advice for new or enquiring owners. She has a passion for art and photography, and can often be found walking her dogs through the fields and woods with a camera by her side, ready for those winning shots.